2017 Common Field Convening Los Angeles

Common Field’s Convening is an itinerant annual gathering that brings together 350+ local and national organizers to explore the state of the field of arts organizing and to share resources, knowledge and methods for artist-led, artist-run, and artist-centered projects, spaces and practices.

The Convening aims to develop local and national peer connectivity and to build knowledge from and for the field. Convenings connect the interests of the national Common Field membership to the issues and conditions specific to the location in which they are held.

This year’s program commits to even more participation from our network. More than half the sessions were selected from an our first ever Convening Open Call for proposals.

Common Field invites you to join in on a one-of-a-kind arts organizing experience. See you in LA!

Los Angeles Lead + National Partners


The Center for Land Use Interpretation
Human Resources
Materials & Applications
Women’s Center for Creative Work


Dana Bishop-Root, Transformazium (Braddock, PA)
Elizabeth Chodos, Ox-bow School of Art (Saugatuck, MI)
Courtney Fink, Common Field (Los Angeles, CA) 
Matthew Fluharty, Art of the Rural (Winona, MN)
Deana Haggag, United States Arists (Chicago, IL)
Stephanie Sherman, (London, UK)
Aurora Tang, Center for Land Use Interpretation (Los Angeles, CA)

Common Field

Common Field (CF) is a national network of independent visual arts organizations and organizers that connects, supports, and advocates for the artist-centered field. Founded in 2013 and launched in the fall of 2015, the Common Field network has 700+ members across 43 states. Programs include national convenings, grants, research, resources, forums, meet-ups and advocacy. Our vision is to increase understanding, involvement and knowledge of artists organizations and their value, and increase their capacity through national connectivity, dialog understanding and support. 

For more information and to join as a member, visit us at commonfield.org.

"Place, Race, Geography and Power" panel at the 2015 Common Field Convening in Minneapolis, MN.

From the "Gentrification and Sustaining Neighborhoods" panel at the 2016 Common Field Convening in Miami, FL.

Convening History

The Common Field Convening—originally Hand-in-Glove, a localized gathering organized by Threewalls in Chicago in 2011—has been hosted in New Orleans 2013 (Press Street), Minneapolis 2015 (Soap Factory + Works Progress), Miami 2016 (BFI, Cannonball, Dimensions Variable, and Locust Projects), and will now be hosted in Los Angeles in 2017. 

Common Field is committed to empowering local organizers and organizations to guide the Convening’s content, program, and culture. The gathering has evolving from a series of panels to a diverse array of content formats, providing many opportunities for attendees to present, engage, connect, learn and share. Common Field is committed to providing opportunities for both value-driven discussions and practical tools and skills, a need expressed by Common Field members and the field at large.

Select Convening sessions are streamed via Livestream, with content documented and available for public access afterwards. Videos from past Common Field Convenings are available here. To see full programs and content from past Convenings, visit our archives

Why Los Angeles?

This is the first year the Convening will be held on the West Coast, in a city in which Common Field has decided to set down its roots. Los Angeles has provided especially fertile ground for the rapid expansion of our artist organization community. It’s an ideal time, we believe, to connect the interests, themes and issues of the national Common Field membership with the contexts and conditions specific to this sprawling, rousing, complex city.

The Convening provides an opportunity to showcase Los Angeles’ expansive artist-run community. It brings together many small-scale, emergent, experimental organizations in dialog to shape the national conversation for the field. It amplifies the local artist-centered community to the larger LA arts ecosystem, the national field of visual arts organizations and hopefully far beyond.

Los Angeles is in the midst of major boom among large institutions. Likewise, there have never been more artist organizations and projects. At the same time, there is a high profile, hard line battle unfolding around art washing, displacement and gentrification.

How does this moment of extreme growth and change impact artists and organizers? On top of that, the extreme unrest in the political arena has shifted the purpose and work of many of the organizations in Common Field’s network towards issues of social justice, equity, and environmental issues—making it a critically relevant moment to gather, organize and unite around common and uncommon causes, ideas and the future.


Thanks to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Metabolic Studio for their lead support of the 2017 Los Angeles Convening. Additional support is provided by The Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation, The Wilhelm Family Foundation and Common Field’s Membership Network.

Special thanks to Common Field Founding organization Space Gallery for their fiscal partnership for the Common Field 2017 Convening.

Founding and ongoing support for Common Field is generously provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Additional support is provided by The Hemera Foundation.


Thanks to the Common Field 2017 Convening Collaborators!

Convening Organizers and Lead Partners
Amanda Choo Quan, Communications & Members Manager / Common Field
Lindsey Lee Eichenberger, Convening Coordinator / Common Field
Courtney Fink, Director / Common Field
Hannah Grossman, Convening Manager / Common Field
Jia Gu / Materials + Applications
Eric Kim / Human Resources
Aurora Tang / Center for Land Use Interpretation
Sarah Williams / Women’s Center for Creative Work

Common Field National Council
Dana Bishop-Root, Transformazium (Braddock, PA)
Elizabeth Chodos, Ox-bow School of Art (Saugatuck, MI)
Matthew Fluharty, Art of the Rural (Winona, MN)
Anne Focke (Seattle, WA)
Deana Haggag, United States Artists (Chicago, IL)
sharon maidenberg, Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito, CA)
Nat May, Hewnoaks Artist Colony (Portland, ME)
James McAnally, The Luminary and Temporary Review (St. Louis, MO)
Cameron Shaw, Pelican Bomb (New Orleans, LA)
Stephanie Sherman, (London, UK)
Aurora Tang, Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) (Los Angeles, CA)
Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace (New York, NY)