This convening welcomes people involved with art spaces and projects that are self-organized, independent, experimental or noncommercial; people working at organizations that value artist-run, artist led and artist-centric priorities; researchers and historians studying the field today; arts funders and others that support or engage the field; and those simply interested in learning more about this community. 

Yes! Common Field is happy to offer a limited number of scholarships for local and national organizers to attend the 2016 Convening. To learn more about local and national scholarship opportunities, please see the tickets page. 

Local residents can volunteer during the convening in exchange for complimentary admission. To learn more about volunteer opportunies, please contact Ashley Ford, Convening Coordinator at



Hand-in-Glove was a conference initiated and organized by Common Field founding member Three Walls, the first being in Chicago in 2011. Common Field was losely ideated after that conference, as a means to keep the energy and conversation going and continue to serve the field. Common Field founding member Press Street organized the second Hand-in-Glove convening in Fall 2013 in New Orleans with Common Field support. Common Field launched officially in Fall 2015 in Minneapolis, at the third Hand-in-Glove, also known in this new configuration as the Common Field Convening. To keep things streamlined, going forward Common Field convenings will simply be called the Common Field Convening. The Hand-in-Glove and Common Field Convening partnership demonstrated the importance of the convening being driven by local issues. With Common Field as now a national network ending its first official year, the convening will continue to also respond to and incorporate the needs of the national membership. The Convening also maintains a committment to experimental formats--going beyond just panels to explore possibilities and practices of the field through breakouts, practical learning sessions, and creative opportunities that enable participants to meet and engage one antoher. This committment to activating members and building creative momentum is what will keep the Convening exciting, relevant, and different, year after year. 


The convening content is designed by the local partners with national advice from Common Field's staff and council. If you have ideas for a session, event, or peripheral activity, please email

It's always sunny and 90° with a chance of hurricanes. 

For the latest Miami weather forecast and a list of average monthly temperatures, click here or check out Miami's weather LIVE here.  

The Common Field Convening is an opportunity to meet others working in the field -- radical arts administrators, curators, artists who build platforms for other artists, and staff at organizations. Some people work at established non-profits, others collectives, others artist studios. The convening offers four days of energy, conversation, dialogue, debate,  and most importantly--connections with others working in the field. Most attendees leave with a renewed sense of purpose about their work, opportunities for collaboration, ideas about how to practice their job better, and a network of friends for ongoing mentorship and support. Funders and supporters also attend the convening, so it can be an opportunity to learn directly about how to get support for your projects alongside insights from peers.



The convening is the annual opportunity for Common Field members and friends to gather, exchange, and connect in person. The convening also invites members to breakout sessions specific to the year-round activities for Common Field. A Common Field futures breakout will provide opportunities for feedback and be a chance to discuss priorities, actions, and projects for the coming year.  

The Common Field Convening themes are determined by the local organizers, but are consciensciously chosen to respond to issues and debates going on in the national and international field. The host city offers a context, flavor, and environmental lens through which to examine and discuss issues unfolding on a national scale. We aim to make the convening content relevant to organizers coming from Miami and beyond. At the Miami convening, regular breakouts will provide important opportunities for specific conversations and debates around key issues. 

The Common Field Convening is organized by a coalition of leading local partners along with a lead coordinator from Common Field's national team and support from Common Field staff. The local partners determine the program themes, issues, and speakers, and the national team provides advice and support on structure, communications, and engagement. The local partners host a meet-up of local organizations and organizers to discuss issues and relevant topics.

Common Field issues an open call for proposals for coalitions of hosts to present the convening. We look for locations that can accommodate national visitors, contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the dynamics and opportunities of our field, have the ability to garner financial support, and most importantly, that the Common Field Convening can contribute in a positive way to the dialogue and capacity of that city. To find out more about hosting the convening in your city, email Courtney Fink, Co-Director and national Convening coordinator,

We recommend UberX, UberPool, or taxis for transportation to and from hotels to the Convening. Public transit can be good for other adventures--information about Miami's public transportation services can be found here.

Your convening ticket includes light breakfast and lunch events on Friday and Saturday during the convening.  However, there is plenty of time to explore the 305's diverse and eclectic culinary options. From fritas to gator bites and pastelitos, Miami’s got plenty of exciting eats! 

Check out this list of #onlyinMiami foods.

Here are some of our favorite places for dinner nearby Little Hait that we recommend:

Harrys Pizzeria
3918 N Miami Ave
Delicious pizza spot in the design district

4312 NE 2nd Ave
Aegean food in the design district

4740 NE 2nd Ave
Japanese fusion restaurant very close to Little Haiti Cultural Complex

Lemoni Cafe
4600 NE 2nd Ave #8
Sandwich shop very close to Little Haiti Cultural Complex

Buena Vista Bistro
4582 NE 2nd Ave
French restaurant very close to Little Haiti Cultural Complex

916 NE 79th St
Brazilian restaurant close to the Vagabond hotel

Paulie Gees
8001 Biscayne Blvd
Pizza restaurant close to the Vagabond hotel

3470 N Miami Ave
Tapas style asian fusion (open late)

Lost and Found Saloon
185 NW 36th St
Inexpensive, southwestern style food (open late)

La Latina
3509 NE 2nd Ave
Arepa restaurant

7281 Biscayne Blvd
Arepa restaurant VERY close to the Vagabond hotel

Moshi Moshi
7232 Biscayne Blvd.
Sushi spot near the Vagabond hotel (open late)

Ni.Do Cafe
7295 Biscayne Blvd.
Italian restaurant near the Vagabond hotel

Schnitzel Haus
1085 NE 79th St
German restaurant and bar

5555 NE 2nd Ave
Argentinian restaurant near Little Haiti Cultural Complex

Firito Taco
1071 NE 79th St
Taco spot close to the Vagabond

Recently, the Florida Department of Health traced a handful Zika cases to local mosquito-borne transmissions. In response, State officials have launched mosquito control measures and a community-wide search for additional Zika cases. For the CDC's latest report, please click here.

We urge you to take necessary precautions and appropriate safety measures. To view insect repellant recommendations from the EPA, please click here


All requests for refunds must be made in writing to Common Field by October 5, 2016. Tickets purchased after that date cannot be refunded. Substitutions for registrations will be honored and should also be made in writing to the Convening Coordinator at

We would like to ensure that your experience at the convening is pleasant and comfortable. Please make sure to indicate your specific situation in the designated area on the registration form.  You may also contact us by e-mail at

If you need to make changes to your reservation, please contact the hotel directly. If you are experiencing difficulty making reservations or would like to report a problem, please contact us by e-mail at