About elissa

Elissa Blount Moorhead, filmmaker, curator, and author has created public art, exhibitions, and cultural programs for the last 25 years. She is currently a principal partner and producer at TNEG film studios, which creates films and time based-installations.

She co-founded Red Clay Arts in NYC where she curated/produced over 20 exhibitions and multimedia projects including; Random Occurrences, a multi- venue exhibition; Cat Calls (Street Harassment project) at St. Ann’s Warehouse and the NYC Museum; Practicum, the inaugural experimental series at BRIC; FunkGodJazzMedicine, the multi-site project in partnership with Creative Time; Art in Odd Places, an outdoor performance and visual art installation; and Flux Festival, an installation of time based, visual and performance work. She served as curatorial advisor for The Contemporary, board member for The Maryland Film Festival, and as a Public Art Commissioner in Baltimore City. She is the author of P is for Pussy, an illustrated “children’s” book.