About Erin

Erin Salazar is an artist, muralist, public art curator, and community organizer. In 2015, Erin was selected as Emerging City Champion through 8-80 Cities and Knight Foundation. This fellowship equipped her with the networks and resources to help create a healthier, safer, more vibrant San Jose. In 2014 she put into motion a plan she’s had since founding the mural arts club at San Jose State University, the Exhibition District (ExD). The goal of the Exhibition District is to create economic opportunities for artists through city beautification. ExD’s first milestone is to create a public street art gallery with 40,000 square feet of fresh artwork in the next 5 years.

A fellowship with National Arts Strategies taught Salazar to define her community through assets, not deficits. Local Color (LoCo), an initiative to establish a creative haven inside vacant properties in-between development cycles. In the last 9 months she's led re-activation efforts to re-define a 20,000 square foot building as a "hipster community center" with relevance and designed a new platform for artists, producers, dreamers, printers, makers and do-ers. Local Color boasts 20 artists in residence collaborating and creating in the studio and has hosted over 150 independently produced events in the last 9 months.

With the help of a Knight Cities Challenge grant from the Knight Foundation, she has secured nearly all of the funding for this prototype project for the next 18 months.

Salazar's mission is to remove the word “starving” from the artists industry.

Her favorite color is black.