About Irina

Irina Contreras is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist and writer. Irina’s art practice examines personal reflections and origins of collective memory. Recent projects examine more speculative origins of collective memory inspired by security culture, social media and political histories. Irina is the founder of the 12 year-old project, The Miracle Bookmobile and was a participant in the 2016 Performance based residency at Guapamacátaro in Mexico. The Miracle Bookmobile had its beginnings in a 1982 Volvo in Watts in Los Angeles in 2002. Over the last fifteen years, it has had many changes, collaborators and iterations. Irina’s performances and videos have been featured at the A+D Gallery in Chicago, Coagula Curatorial in Los Angeles, the Ghetto Biennial in Port Au Prince, Haiti, The Lab in San Francisco, Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics in NYC, Entzaubert in Berlin, is this it? in London and other venues. Irina has worked for fifteen years at the intersections of the arts, public education and pedagogy within institutional and community based platforms. Irina’s project, Night Kitchen seeks to bring sliding cost consulting to organizations and community groups who might require training or mediation. Irina has pursued these interests alongside her lifelong dedication to social and restorative justice practices.