About Kate

Kate Johnston is a graphic designer. Her practice melds the forces of language, identity, community building, curation, organization & making. In 2013, she and two others co-founded a not-for-profit organization called the Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW), which cultivates LA’s Feminist Creative Communities & Practices, where she serves as creative director. The WCCW is simultaneously Kate’s design practice, the project management practice of her co-director Sarah Williams, and a platform for public ideas, works and projects, serving over 16,000 feminist creatives in the Los Angeles area. Kate is also principal of her freelance design practice, Radical Rules; the editor/art director of Pants Magazine; a founding member of collage collective Confetti Confidential; and adjunct faculty in the MFA graphic design program at Otis College of Art and Design, among other projects. She holds an MFA in Graphic Design from CalArts and a BA in Classics from Pitzer College. Kate Lives and works in Los Angeles.