About Rosa

Garmendia is a socially engaged, multidisciplinary artist working with an array of mediums, including, but not limited to; painting, drawing, fabric, collage, photography, video and site-specific installations. Her art making process is fed by her experiences as a woman, an immigrant and an industrial worker, which have shaped her ideas about injustice. She is inspired by her personal relationship to colonization and the disrupted genealogies that come forth as a result. As an artist, she considers her practice a daily act of resistance.
Garmendia, was born in Havana, Cuba, immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of 8. She has pursued her fine art studies at various universities and art institutes, including University of South Florida, Parsons School of Design, University of Miami, Vermont Studio Center, and the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. She has exhibited in Miami as well as New York, Cuba, Guadeloupe and Suriname.
Garmendia speaks English, Spanish and Haitian Kreyol. She is a teaching artist at the Perez Art Museum Miami and has worked with children in after school programs, homeless adults and private institutions and museums.