About Sebastien

Sebastien Sanz Santamaria has been living and working in New York City since 2001. He has been closely involved with the artist-run organization and arts collective Flux Factory, working in both the development of its programs and creatively through collaborations at institutions such as the Queens Museum of Arts and the New Museum. He was Assistant Director of the International Residency Program, at Location One. In 2009, together with Nathalie Angles, he co-founded Residency Unlimited as an artist-centered organization dedicated to producing customized artist residency structures to support the creation, presentation, and dissemination of contemporary art. After completing a preparatory year at the Academie Julien, Peningen (Paris) in 1997, Sebastien received a BFA from the Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Montpellier District in Montpellier, France.