About Vivian

Born and raised in Miami, by way of Peru. Influenced by my large diverse community in Miami, which has given me so much support to experiment with all mix media, however photography has had a huge impact in my life. From my first job to now I've only ever worked in non-profits who try to cultivate an interaction between the community specifically the youth with education in art, and self expression. From private schools to juvenile prisons I've been teaching 6 years and most recently approved by the government and DCF to do more work in public schools in Miami. In 2013 while working at the Museum of Contemporary Art I lost someone who was like family to police brutality. Since then I was introduced to the Dream Defenders, and through their cultural and grassroots organizing I've been engaged with them and consciously applying my art background to the communities we are working with; whether just a meditation drawing with kids at service event, or an art tour through Miami.